Traveling the world takes passion and commitment, something Deina & Sara Elliott know firsthand.

Founded in 2009, World Class Certification Services, Inc. caught the attention of Team Elliott in early 2017. After extensive research into the world of hospitality rating and rankings, Deina & Sara decided to purchase WCCSI and give the industry a shake-up.

Based in Denver, Colorado, the powerhouse management team brings their combined and diverse experience of 40+ years to the table. Offering an impeccable eye for detail, critical knowledge of business, and an intimate understanding of superior customer service the Elliott’s are passionate and committed to changing the game when it comes to travel and hospitality.

Earn World Class Certification for Your Luxury Hotel

Why trust us to enhance your services?

We distinguish ourselves from the competition in these ways:

  • We have over 40 years of combined experience
  • There are no membership or booking fees
  • You'll receive two years of marketing exposure
  • You’ll receive a custom marketing strategy
  • You’ll garner international recognition
  • You’ll experience more direct revenue generation

We also conduct a proprietary 386-point inspection including everything from the grounds to the toilet paper quality. Once you’ve passed our inspection, you’ll receive your World Class Certification and an accolade of your choice, such as a crystal award, wall plaque or window logo.

Another way we stand out is by visiting your hotel, in addition to viewing your website and customer reviews. This way, we can provide you with the feedback you need to become a World Class establishment.

A World Class Certified™ hotel or resort provides a consistent, uncompromising, engaging and top-tier experience with flawless execution and passion. Our inspectors look for five key components that define the benchmark of World Class Certification™. These include:


The proven ability to deliver outstanding products and service time after time, equally and reliably for every guest.


Great care has been taken to carefully match the concept and its deliverables with the brand. No short-cuts have been taken in any way. All products and services are of the finest quality available.


Guests enjoy a complete experience. All senses are pleased, nothing is left wanting and nothing has been left to chance.


The complete experience that the business provides is among the best anywhere in the world. “As good as it can be and within the top two percent” is another way of expressing this component.


The genuine desire by all staff members to please the guest.